Kuroko no Basket SOLO MINI ALBUM

SOLO MINI ALBUM – albums featuring character songs which were released on those characters’ birthdays (except vol. 1, that one wasn’t released on Kuroko’s birthday)

Vol. 1 -Ignite Music- Kuroko Tetsuya
1. We’re just moving – audio
2. Your Membership (feat. Kise) audio
3. Bring it on now!! (feat. Takao) audio
4. Boku No Omoi – audio
5. Future Line (Remix) – audio
~all tracks here

Vol. 2 -Never Copy Myself-  Kise Ryōta
1. CHANGE!! – audio
2. ALL FOR WIN (feat. Kasamatsu) audio
3. Zenjin Mitou SPARK (feat. Kagami) audio
4. Shutter Chance Wa Smile Yori – audio
5. Shalala ☆ Goes On (Remix) – audio
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Vol. 3 -Shooting My Luck- Midorima Shintarō
1. Be Sincere to that Fate (Sono Unmei Ni Shinshi De Are) – audio
2. Way to Victory (feat. Takao) audio
3. INDOMITABLE (feat. Ōtsubo, Miyaji and Kimura) audio
4. Where Is It?! (Doko ni Aru no da yo?!) – audio
5. My Destiny, Just As Planned (Nerai doori no Destiny) -Keep Higher Remix- – audio
~all tracks here

Vol. 4 -Meteor Jam- Kagami Taiga
1. On the Street – audio
2. Breaking through!! (feat. Kuroko and Aomine) – audio
3. Best condition training☆ (feat. Izuki and Kiyoshi) audio
4. For my friends – audio
5. Run and gun up to glory (Remix) – audio
~all tracks here

Vol. 5 -Formless Beat- Aomine Daiki
2. Let me burn!! (feat. Kise) – audio
3. STILL – audio
4. GO GO☆Touou (feat. Sakurai and Momoi)- audio
5. UNSTOPPABLE (Remix) – audio
~all tracks here

Vol. 6 -Sound Fell Heavy- Murasakibara Atsushi
2. Prime Position (feat. Himuro and Kagami) – audio
3. Pride of Aegis (feat. Okamura, Fukui, and Liu) – audio
4. Reason of Tears (Namida no Riyuu) audio
~all tracks here

Vol. 7 -Emperor Voice-  Akashi Seijūrō
1. DEEP FIGHT (feat. Mibuchi, Hayama, Nebuya, and Mayuzumi) – audio
2. RESIGNATION? (feat. Midorima and Takao) – audio
3. ANSWER (feat. Kuroko) – audio
4. RETURN – audio
5. FINAL EMPEROR ~Absolute Existence~ (Remix) – audio
~all track here (this one is on youtube. I don’t think they used full ver of songs tho)

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