Kuroko no Basket SOLO SERIES – Vol. 10-18

Vol. 10 – Kiyoshi Teppei
1. Monologue: Enjoy the Scenery Along the Way
2. Strong Heart – audio
3. Monologue: I’ll Become Strong Enough to Defend This Team
4. Returning Very Soon to That Place – audio
5. Strong Heart (Off Vocal) 
6. Returning Very Soon to That Place (Off Vocal)

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Vol. 11 – Kasamatsu Yukio
1. Monologue: As the Captain
2. NEVER LOOK BACK – audio
3. Monologue: I Made Up My Mind
4. Locker room shout for tomorrow – audio
5. NEVER LOOK BACK (Off Vocal)
6. Locker room shout for tomorrow (Off Vocal)

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Vol. 12 – Riko Aida & Momoi Satsuki
1. Monologue: As a Coach (Riko)
2. GROWING UP (Riko) – audio
3. Monologue: Data Collection (Momoi)
4. Brand-new Season (Momoi) – audio
5. GROWING UP (Off Vocal)
6. Brand-new Season (Off Vocal)

~translations (without Riko’s monologue, I didn’t find it :c Sorry!)
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Vol. 13 – Himuro Tatsuya
1. Monologue: Betting Everything on the Proof of Our Brotherhood
2. Ready Fight! – audio
3. Monologue: With Your New Partner
4. Any time, any place – audio
5. Ready Fight! (Off Vocal)
6. Any time, any place (Off Vocal)

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Vol. 14 – Hanamiya Makoto
1.Monologue: I’ll Show You, Then
2. MAD BREAKER – audio
3. Monologue: You’ll Let Me Have Some Fun, Won’t You?
5. MAD BREAKER (Off Vocal)

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Vol. 15 – Sakurai Ryō
1. Monologue: I Refuse to Lose to Anyone
2. QUICK START – audio
3. Monologue: I Want to Build Self-Confidence
4. Ayamari Kinoko no Yuutsu – audio
5. QUICK START (Off Vocal)
6. Ayamari Kinoko no Yuutsu (Off Vocal)

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Vol. 16 – Murasakibara Atsushi
1. Monologue: Basketball and Me
2. Rifujin ni – audio
3. Monologue: Snacks and Me
4. LAZY LAZY – audio
5. Rifujin ni (Off Vocal)
6. LAZY LAZY (Off Vocal)

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Vol. 17 – Haizaki Shōgo
1. Monologue ~Tada no hima tsubushi da~  – translation
2. BUCK WILD – audio – translation
3. Monologue ~Ore no mon da~ – translation
4. TYRANT – audio – translation
5. BUCK WILD (Off Vocal)
6. TYRANT (Off Vocal)

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Vol. 18 – Akashi Seijūrō
1. Monologue: Zettai wa Bokuda – translation
2. FINAL EMPEROR – audio
3. Monologue: Hajimete no Itami, soshite – translation
4. DOUBLE CORE – audio
5. FINAL EMPEROR (Off Vocal)
6. DOUBLE CORE (Off Vocal)

~translations (only to songs)
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